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Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1168 ratings )
Lifestyle Games Card
Developer: Jump Ramp Games Inc.
Current version: 3.2.0, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 21 Nov 2015
App size: 193.85 Mb

Scratch and Win with Lucktastic!

Now including partner content from Hasbro, including the MONOPOLY $250,000 Railroad Sweepstakes, and daily MONOPOLY scratch cards!

*** New Big Money Prize Available Now: Win up to $1,000,000 and a trip to New York City for a chance in the Lucktastic Cash Grab machine. ***

Play free scratch card style games to win real prizes and amazing trips or experiences. Play different scratch cards daily for chances to win up to $10,000 instantly. You can also enter sweepstakes contests, collect tokens, and redeem them for even more chances to win.

Lucktastic is a lifestyle experience on your phone. We change lives daily and offer tons of scratcher themes for you to win real money and collect tokens. Manage your full token balance at or click Manage Tokens in the app. Enter sweepstakes and contests for more chances to win real prizes including vacations, electronics and more!

Want to win a Steak Dinner for 2, a trip Home for the Holidays, or up to $250,000 from the MONOPOLY Railroad Contest? All these sweeps are live right now!

Lucktastic key features:

* Win up to $10,000 by playing our instant win scratch cards!
* Redeem tokens for more chances to win
* Manage full token balance at
* Win real money by entering a raffle or sweepstakes contest
* Enter contests to win a trip Home for the Holidays, a gourmet Steak Dinner for 2, or even a life-changing $1,000,000

* All new daily scratch cards featuring content from MONOPOLY by Hasbro
* New scratch card themes released every day including fan favorites such as Pirate Shipwreck and Lucky Stars
* Now including scratch cards featuring top baseball players from the MLBPA
* 100% Free to play, so play every day for more chances to win!

Lucktastic players have already won and redeemed over $3 Million in prizes and rewards! With over 1,000,000 real winners — you could be next! New card games are released daily, and new prizes are added often. Be sure to keep your app updated for even more opportunities to win and redeem!

Lucktastic is 100% free to download and play, with no deposits or in-app purchases.

Congratulations to a few of our recent winners:
* Misty R. from Oklahoma won $25,000 in The Heist contest
* Angela H. from North Carolina won $10,000
* Kari H. from Illinois won $1,500
* Robbie H. from Tennessee won $1,000
* Andrea B. from Indiana won Free Groceries for a Month

Download Lucktastic today and see if it’s your lucky day! You could win big!

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Must be a U.S. resident to play. Available in the USA only.

THESE SWEEPSTAKES ARE DEVISED AS NON-GAMBLING PROMOTIONS and are intended solely for entertainment purposes.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Pros and cons of Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes app for iPhone and iPad

Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes app good for

Love this app great previews of new games and amazing scratch offs
This app is really good, cant wait to see how many people win a lot
I have so much fun and also get the chance to maybe win some money!!!! Awesome !!!!!!
Thanks for all the joy and happiness you bring to always that play with no risk involved fantastic phenomenal five stars would not even scratch the surface 20 stars hands down awesome good luck to everyone all those that play scratch on just hopefully its not your car,your phone screen ,& or window otherwise just have fun we all appreciate you at lucktastic
I just got this game and I already won $$!! definitely recommend !(:
I havent won anything yet but a few token cards, but Im hoping to win a contest soon. Even though I havent won real things yet the app is a great way to pass time and its pretty fun.

Some bad moments

Ads wont load and i dont get any rewards, including coins... I am connected to wifi, I think the app thinks Im cheating.
I was on this app for over a month trying to get enough coins for a $25 gift card. They say that the scratch cards are "random, like real world scratchers", but upon closer investigation, I realized that they give you the same ones in a sequence of 5, never winning money. Usually you will win 25 tokens, rarely 50. Never more than that. You watch 30 second ads every time you play a ticket, which would be fine if the tickets werent rigged. I wouldnt recommend this to anyone!
14 months later, doing it everyday and I only have enough points to get a $20 giftcard. And Ive only won $1.50 in cash. Thats not great, try a different app. This one takes to long just to get $20 giftcard.
So I wrote a pretty long review the first time (a bad review btw) and it said the nickname was already taken and completely deleted everything I wrote! Well if that doesnt tell me that "they" are trying to make it harder to write bad reviews on hear then call me crazy! I wish I knew this would have happened so I could copy my review! This is now my 3rd time trying to post a review! I learnt my lesson and now copying and pasting so I dont have to rewrite my review. Ive even use my full name with crazy numbers and the want to tell me its taken? Haha Ive googled my entire name before and never found anyone with the same name. I only found one person with the same first and last name. I know there isnt that many people! The spelling of my name is not all that common. Im not going back into detail again on how horrible this app is so they did do a good job of keeping all the bad reviews they can off of here. Ill make this a whole lot shorter this time! Dont waist your time. You never win more than a $1. Your basically paying them by downloading the app. They get paid to get people to watch ads and thats what your doing the whole time. Ive heard a whole lot of people complain they one thousands on a ticket and then the game would freeze or have an error and they never received their money. Every time! Its senseless to play!
Its fun to do scratch offs everyday but Ive been doing it everyday 4 times a day and havent wont any cash. I think its all a scam. And it takes FOREVER to earn tokens. Smh
The actually chance of your winning something is very slim. Having played the cards over and over again at different times of the day everyday, I have won nothing.

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